News Apex Start On Site | 11 march 2014

Construction work has officially started on a new industrial warehouse at Apex Park, Worcester. The building which will amass part of the existing business park has been designed to suit the specific requirements of the Worcester Bosch Group who will occupy the unit and will combine distribution functions with an element of assembly and associated office based administrative activities. The construction of the facility will see many jobs created and such employment based activity is seen as a continuation of the historic use of the site and is considered wholly appropriate for this general locality which is typifiedby similar operations and complimentary supporting uses and facilities.

The main volume of the building has been located to optimize the developments potential on a site somewhat irregular in shape. Webb Gray have also left during the design process adequate margins for supporting functions and infrastructure. Construction has begun on the 116,000 sqft unit that will include a two storey ancillary office on a site of 2.56ha net. At a density of 42% the development is comparable with nearby developments and commensurate with contemporary good building practice. Webb Gray have realized in the design process the necessity to provide a building that sits comfortably in its surroundings whilst also convey an architectural language appropriate to the aspirations of modern business. The unit will feature barrel vaulted roofs which will present a softer and more organic line when viewed against the backdrop of the hills beyond. Detailing on the building will be robust though intentionally simplistic because clean sharp lines, crisp functional detailing, a limited range of surface materials and a restricted palette of neutral colors combine most effectively to reduce the perceived mass of these types of building and ensure that they do not quickly date. Simple design details such as shadow recesses and subtle changes in surface texture are incorporated where necessary to improve proportion and give variety and rhythm to elevations.

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