[wr_vc_textblock small_title=”Plot A2, Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull” big_title=”Commercial Office”]Location: Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull

Developer: IM Properties

End User: Arthrex UK

Contractor: Benniman

Project Managers: Ridge & Partners LLP

Engineers: PCS Consulting Engineers

M&E Consultants: DW Pointer & Partners Ltd

Landscapers: BEA Landscape Design Ltd[/wr_vc_textblock]

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Design Concept”]The aesthetics and form of the new building were of particular emphasis, seeking to ingrain a corporate sensibility into the design while still including a strong focal point that establishes a unique identity.

Change in materiality, fenestration and projections were explored in various ways as a tool to break up the potentially singular elevations and maximise the flexibility of the floor plate. A particular point of emphasis was the treatment of the west and south facing elevations, which were ideal locations for prominent features that could enhance the buildings visibility across the business park.

Each idea helped feed into the overarching design intent as means of creating the optimal proposal for the site. Analysis of the viability of each option aided the greater understanding of the requirements for both the building and the context.[/wr_vc_textblock]

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Design Layout”]The layout of Plot A2 has been arranged to work in conjunction with the surrounding context, simultaneously balancing the prominence of the new building from Central Boulevard whilst completing the curved formation of offices around the nearby island to create a harmonious street scene.

The orientation of the building and its position on the site has been driven by the location of the existing centralised access road, contributing a natural split around which the layout is structured. As such, the building is positioned along the north boundary, with a highly visible frontage that overlooks the parking to the south. The main entrance has been orientated to face the primary pedestrian access route to ensure legibility upon approach and seamlessly link into the existing Blythe Valley connections.

A key design principle for the site was the treatment of the existing access road, in particular breaking the road in between the development plot and the adjacent Rybrook. This has facilitated the creation of dedicated compounds for each of the plots, adding a layer of security that is beneficial to both whilst still maintaining pedestrian links by foot. The result is the incorporation of significant landscaping zones, which help address the balance between the built form and context and culminate in a specially designed, protected terrace area to the rear of the building.

Overall, the layers of landscape and car parking combine to act as a protective buffer between the building and Central Boulevard, creating a site arrangement that considers the clarity of the building, the protection of the existing context and the security of the site.[/wr_vc_textblock]

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Design Appearance”]The appearance of the proposal has been influenced by contemporary styling, with an emphasis on creating a clean and modern aesthetic that is both long lasting and utilises a neutral colour palette.

The facade incorporates a mixture of cladding, ribbon windows and curtain walling to create an understated yet cleanly structured design which is bookended by extruding the main entrance and secondary escape stair an extra storey at either end of the floor plate. The result is two ‘wrap over’ features on two elevations which serve to denote the building to visitors, contain the executive office space and plant rooms and provide ideal signage locations, highly visible to the rest of the park.

A significant feature of the design is the contrasting colour scheme, which has been enhanced by recessing each window bay to emphasise shadows and avoid monotony across the elevations. Through this recessing, the columns are exaggerated and reflect the structural simplicity of the design. Each of these elements combine to create an aesthetic that simultaneously links into the context and establishes its own unique identity.[/wr_vc_textblock]