8570-IM-19-10-20-02 Main Entrance View
[wr_vc_textblock small_title=”Unit 2, Manchester Airport” big_title=”Commercial Office”]Location: Manchester Airport

Developer: Stoford Developments

End User: The Hut Group

Contractor: Winvic

Project Managers: Trinity Property Consultants

Engineers: Complete Design Partnership

M&E Consultants: ESC

Landscapers: Barry Chinn Associates[/wr_vc_textblock]

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Design Concept”]Translating the design principles into the final design led to a number of conceptual iterations, each of which influenced the decision making process and cumulated in the eventual resolution of the proposal.

The conceptual development of the building has been influenced by the architectural typology of the surrounding buildings, utilising a colour palette and aesthetic that has been used throughout the WLH. The aim was to ensure that the design reflected the identity of the park and respects the overall masterplan intent.

The primary design features are focused around the front facing elevation, clearly identifying the entrance through framing and material changes. Elsewhere, the concept uses changes in colour and texture to break down the mass of the building and avoid vast expanses of uniformity.[/wr_vc_textblock]

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Design Layout”]The overall layout of the site and the position of the proposed building was developed to maximise the functionality of the warehouse whilst aiding the continued establishment of a high quality typology in accordance with the parameters of the approved outline masterplan.

Positioned centrally along Sunbank Lane, the site has been developed to act as focal point of the logistics park. The orientation and location of the building has been specifically designed to align with the context, facing the main entrance towards the key circulation routes to ensure that legibility is maximised.

To soften the mass of the warehouse from the road, the building has been aligned towards the rear of the site, incorporating a band of landscaping along the frontage that works to create a protective buffer from the road and neatly conceal the service yard.

The office block has been located on the eastern corner of the building, slightly projecting from the warehouse to integrate an additional design feature. This layout increases the prominence of the office while simultaneously providing the opportunity for passive surveillance of the car parking serving the building.[/wr_vc_textblock]

[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”Design Appearance”]The appearance of the proposal has been influenced by contemporary styling, with an emphasis on creating a clean and modern aesthetic that is both long lasting and utilises a neutral colour palette.

The facade incorporates pre-formed cladding panels and large elements of powder coated aluminium curtain walling, all using an understated colour scheme. The structural simplicity of the design creates an aesthetic that simultaneously links into the context and establishes its own unique identity.

The main entrance to the building has been clearly denoted by a feature white ‘goal post’ cladding detail, framing the full height curtain walling and working in conjunction with the site layout to naturally guide visitors.

Care has been taken with the elevational treatement to break up the expanses of cladding, with shifts in colour and texture incorporated to avoid a monolithic appearance. The primarily white facade is periodically broken up with feature dark grey piers positioned to suit the structural grid and high level curved pofile panels. The result is softening of the overall mass of the building through a diverse aesthetic that is flexible enough to suit a wide range of potential occupiers.[/wr_vc_textblock]